Transmitter CMS made by yoyik

Date:2019/1/7 11:23:35 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Transmitter CMS is mainly used for pipeline oil filters. When hydraulic system is working, the filter element in the filter is blocked gradually because of the contaminants in the interception system. Pressure difference between import and export oil (i.e. pressure loss of filter element) occurs. When the pressure difference increases to the set value of the transmitter, the transmitter automatically sends a signal, indicating that the operator of the system should clean or replace the filter element to ensure the safe transportation of the system.

The basic function of the differential pressure transmitter is that the impurity particles in the oil are blocked by the filter element in the oil filter during the working process of the hydraulic system, so that the filter element is gradually blocked, resulting in the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet (i.e. pressure loss). When the differential pressure value reaches 0.35Mpa, the power is automatically turned on and the signal is displayed.

The eries of products are:

Oil Tank Level Secondary Gauge CEL-3581F/G
Gap Sensor Power Supply CJCP-15
Pressure Sensor CMS-50
Ultrasonic Level Gauge CEL-3581F/G
Rotation Speed Probe CS-01
Rotation Speed Probe CS-1
Rotation Speed Probe CS-1 L=65
Rotation Speed Probe CS-1 L=80
Low Resistance Sensor CS-1(D-065-05-1)
High Resistance Magnetoresistive Sensor CS-1(G-065-02-01)
High Resistance Magnetoresistive Sensor CS-1(G-080-02-01)
High Resistance Magnetoresistive Sensor CS-1(G-080-05-01)