ZS Series Rotation Speed Probe supply by yoyik

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Rotation Speed Probe is a sensor that converts the rotating speed of a rotating object into an output of electric energy. Speed sensor is an indirect measuring device, which can be manufactured by mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical and hybrid methods.

ZS Series Rotation Speed Probe

Rotation Speed Probebelongs to variable magnetoresistance sensor. Three basic types of variable magnetoresistance sensor, inductance sensor, transformer sensor and eddy current sensor can be made into speed sensor. Inductive speed sensor is widely used. It generates induced potential by the change of magnetic flux. Its magnitude depends on the rate of flux change. This kind of sensor can be divided into open circuit and closed circuit according to its different structure. Open-circuit speed sensor has simple structure and small output signal, so it is not suitable to be used in the case of severe vibration. Closed magnetic circuit speed sensor consists of external gear, internal gear, coil and permanent magnet mounted on the rotating shaft. The internal and external gears have the same number of teeth. When the rotating axle is connected to the measured axle and rotates together, the magnetic resistance changes due to the relative motion of the internal and external gears, and the AC induction potential is generated in the coil. The corresponding rotational speed can be measured by measuring the magnitude of the potential.

ZS Series Rotation Speed ProbeZS Series Rotation Speed ProbeZS Series Rotation Speed Probe

The eries of products are:

Rotation Speed Probe ZS-01 L=65
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-01 L=80
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-02 L=100
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-02 L=65
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-02 L=80
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-02 L=90
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-03 L=100
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-03 L=75
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-03 L=80
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-04 L=65
Rotation Speed Probe ZS-04 L=80