D521.02 Braun Single Channel Speed Monitor

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D521.02 Braun Single Channel Speed Monitor

D521.02 Braun Single Channel Speed Monitor used to increase safety requirements, monitor motors, pumps, feeders, gears, pulleys and small turbines, and provide overspeed protection at any required speed value (including standstill).


Fast, Accurate, Safe

Maintenance-free for lifetime, thus keeping TCO to a minimum

Widely used throughout mechanical and electrical engineering, chemical industry, power plants, etc.


Braun Card D521.02Braun Card D521.02

The Braun Single Channel Speed Monitor D521.02 should be installed in the metal box. The interface and wiring should be checked and tightened. The shielding wire should be grounded at the cabinet side in principle. The shielding layer should be broken as close as possible to the frame to make the wiring of the exposed shielding layer as short as possible. When connecting to other systems, the grounding conditions should be clear and single point grounding should be ensured.

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