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Frequency Meter SFB-4000, also known as frequency counter, is an electronic measuring instrument specially for measuring the frequency of the signal under test. The frequency meter is mainly composed of four parts: time base (T) circuit, input circuit, counting display circuit and control circuit.
Frequency is the reciprocal of the signal cycle. That is to say, the number of cycles per unit time of the signal is usually taken as the basic unit time.

Frequency Meter SFB-4000

During a measurement period, the measured periodic signal is amplified, shaped and differentiated in the input circuit to form a narrow pulse of a specific period, which is sent to an input terminal of the main gate. Another input port of the main gate is the time base circuit which generates the gate pulse generated by the circuit. During the period when the gate pulse opens the main gate, the narrow pulse of a specific period can pass through the main gate and enter the counter to count. The display circuit of the counter is used to display the frequency value of the measured signal, and the internal control circuit is used to complete the switching between various measurement functions and realize the measurement settings.

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Frequency Meter SFB-4000Frequency Meter SFB-4000