Temperature Gauge WSS-471 manufacture by yoyik

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Temperature Gauge WSS-471 made of a hot bimetal sheet is used to measure temperature. The temperature sensor is installed in a protective tube. One end is a fixed end, the other is a free end. The free end is connected with a thin shaft. The shaft end is equipped with a pointer. When the temperature changes, the temperature sensor's free end revolves around the fixed end and drives the pointer to rotate. So that it can be displayed on the dial.

Temperature Gauge WSS-471 measure the temperature of various solid surfaces, gases, liquids, and rubber, asphalt and plastics. It is widely used in rubber, textile, papermaking, shipbuilding, food, iron and steel non-ferrous metals, petroleum products, ceramics, glass and other industries.

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Temperature Gauge WSS-471Temperature Gauge WSS-471