Superior quality Dongfang yoyik supply precision transient speed monitor DF9011 Pro

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Superior quality Dongfang yoyik supply precision transient speed monitor DF9011 Pro

1. Overview

Product can be updated without prior notice.

     Real Non-maintenance Instrument

precision transient speed monitor DF9011 Pro is designed with the concept which is used to monitor the special PLC, so it owns the character of high reliability. DF9011 Pro has an advanced microprocessor inside which is used to continuously check the states of sensors, circuitry and soft. E2PROM records the working state data of the instrument automatically.

     High accurate output current

precision transient speed monitor DF9011 Pro can output high accurate current in the range 4~20mA. Its precision can be ±0.2%F.S.

     Fast display function

DF9011 Pro uses an advanced microprocessor which sampling rate can be millisecond level. So DF9011 Pro can real-time observe the continuous change of steam turbine’s rotating speed.

     Max rotating speed record

DF9011 Pro can automatically record the max rotating speed from the time when be last reset to now. This can help operators to inspect and analysis the trouble later.

2.Panel Instruction

precision transient speed monitor DF9011 Pro

2.1      Data Display

The display window on the front panel is consisted of six highlight red 7-segments LED. The display window will indicate inspecting data when the instrument is working normally. The window will display function codes and data when in function operation mode.

 precision transient speed monitor DF9011 Pro

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