Dongfang yoyik supply tachometer parts HZQW-03A

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Steam turbine rotation speed is a major monitoring content in operation, and the emergency governer is one of the main parts of the turbine safety system. When rotation speed of the turbine reaches 110% rated speed, the emergency governor bolt knocks out under the centrifugal force, so that the turbine can be shut down. It is necessary to test the bolt and inspect its trigger speed before a new unit is put into operation, or before the unit is grid-connected to the network after overhaul. If the bolt stays stationary for a long time during operation, the oil injection test should be tested on the bolt regularly after 2000 hours continuous operation in order to prevent jam.

HZQW-03A tachometer is designed for detecting this state. It is an intelligent digital display instrument of high performance microcomputer. The HZQW-03A monitor displays the rotation speed of the turbine. Its internal memory can store the rotation speed of the bolt knocking-out, retracting and maximum speed, which can be displayed on the instrument by pressing corresponding buttons.

Working Principle

When the bolt knocks out, the sensor detects the signal at the frequency of 49~60 HZ. The detected signal is analyzed by microprocessor after being rectified. If it is identified as a knock-out signal of the bolt, the device will store the speed of the first pulse signal in the memory immediately. When the speed decreases and the bolt is Backed, the rotational speed is also stored. The above data can be reproduced on the screen by operating buttons on the panel.

tachometer parts HZQW-03Atachometer parts HZQW-03Atachometer parts HZQW-03A