vacuum pump 30SPEN supply by yoyik

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vacuum pump 30SPEN is a device or equipment which can obtain vacuum by mechanical, physical, chemical or physical-chemical methods. Generally speaking, vacuum pump is a device that improves, produces and maintains vacuum in a closed space by various means.

vacuum pump 30SPEN

According to the working principle of vacuum pump, vacuum pump can be basically divided into two types, namely gas capture pump and gas transmission pump. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries.

Vertical structure of the intake and exhaust port level, assembly and connection of the pipeline are more convenient. However, the center of gravity of the pump is high and its stability is poor at high speed, so this type is mostly used for small pumps.

The inlet of the horizontal pump is on the top and the exhaust port is below. Sometimes in order to facilitate the installation and connection of the vacuum system pipeline, the exhaust port can be connected from the horizontal direction, that is, the inlet and exhaust directions are perpendicular to each other. At this point, the vent can be opened from the left or right direction, in addition to connecting one end of the exhaust pipe, the other end blocked or connected to the bypass valve. The pump has a low center of gravity and good stability at high speed. This structure is commonly used in large and medium sized pumps.

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