Thermal Resistance WZPM-201 Cable length=5000MM manufacture by yoyik

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Thermal Resistance WZPM-201 is the most commonly used temperature detector in the middle and low temperature region. Thermal resistance temperature measurement is based on the resistance of metal conductor increases with the increase of temperature to measure the temperature. Its main characteristics are high precision and stable performance. Among them, the platinum thermal resistance has the highest measurement accuracy. It is not only widely used in industrial temperature measurement, but also made into a standard reference instrument. Thermal resistors are mostly made of pure metal materials, platinum and copper are the most widely used. In addition, nickel, manganese and rhodium have been used to make thermal resistors. There are many kinds of materials commonly used in metal thermistors, and the most commonly used ones are platinum wires. Metallic thermal resistance materials for industrial measurement include platinum, copper, nickel, iron, iron and nickel.

Thermal Resistance WZPM-201

The principle of measuring temperature by Thermal Resistance WZPM-201 is based on the characteristic that the resistance of a conductor or semiconductor varies with temperature to measure temperature and temperature-related parameters. Thermal resistors are mostly made of pure metal materials, platinum and copper are the most widely used at present. Now, nickel, manganese and rhodium are used to make thermal resistors. Thermal resistance usually requires resistance signals to be transmitted to a computer control device or other two meters through a lead wire.

Thermal Resistance WZPM-201
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