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mechanical seal A108-45 is a shaft seal device for rotating machinery. For example, centrifugal pumps, centrifuges, reactors and compressors and other equipment. As the drive shaft runs through the inside and outside of the equipment, there is a circumference gap between the shaft and the equipment, and the medium in the equipment leaks out through the gap. If the pressure in the device is lower than the atmospheric pressure, the air leaks into the equipment, so there must be a shaft encapsulation that prevents the leakage. There are many kinds of shaft seals. Because of the advantages of less leakage and long life, mechanical seals are the most important shaft sealing methods in the world. "Mechanical seals, also called end seals, are defined in the relevant national standards:" a device consisting of at least one pair of ends perpendicular to the axis of rotation in fluid pressure and compensating mechanism's force (or magnetic force), and with auxiliary seals to keep the relative sliding against the leakage of a fluid. "

mechanical seal A108-45mechanical seal A108-45

The commonly used mechanical seal structure is composed of static ring (Jing Huan), rotary ring (moving ring), elastic element spring seat, tightening screw, rotating ring auxiliary seal ring and static ring auxiliary seal ring, etc. the anti rotor pin is fixed on the lid to prevent the rest ring rotation.

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