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The essence of Holzer effect is that when the carrier in the solid material moves in an external magnetic field, the trajectory is offset by the Lorentz force, and the charge accumulation is generated on both sides of the material to form an electric field perpendicular to the current direction, and eventually the lorlentz force of the carrier is balanced with the electric field repulsion. A stable potential difference is set up on both sides, that is, the Holzer voltage. The ratio of the product of the orthogonal electric field to the intensity of the magnetic field is the Holzer coefficient. The ratio of parallel electric field to current intensity is electrical resistivity. A large number of studies have revealed that not only negatively charged electrons but also positively charged holes participate in the conduction of materials.

Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-02

Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-02 is a Holzer sensor, is made of the principle of Holzer effect, using Holzer effect to drive the displacement of Holzer element in the magnetic field to produce Holzer electric heating, that is, the shift signal to the electrothermal change signal sensor.

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Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-02Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-02Rotation Speed Sensor ZS-02