LVDT Position Sensor TD-1 0-1000 for power plant use

Date:2018/6/12 8:55:22 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

LVDT Position Sensor TD-1 0-1000 can sense the position of the detected object and transform it into a sensor which can output the signal. 

LVDT Position Sensor TD-1 0-1000LVDT Position Sensor TD-1 0-1000

LVDT Position Sensor TD-1 0-1000 is one of the three parts of Brushless DC motor system, and it is also the main symbol different from the brushless DC motor. Its function is to detect the position of the main rotor in the motion process, convert the position signal of the magnetic pole of the rotor into the electrical signal, provide the correct commutation information for the logic switch circuit, control their conduction and cut-off, and make the current in the motor armature winding change in sequence with the change of the rotor position in order to form the air gap. The stepper rotating magnetic field drives the permanent magnet rotor to rotate continuously.

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LVDT Position Sensor TD-1 0-1000