regeneration device Precision filter SH-006 use for steam turbine units

Date:2018-6-6 8:45:44 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Diatomite filter aid is a new type of high efficiency powder filter medium with diatomite as the basic raw material by preprocessing, sorting, proportioning, calcining and grading. It can form a rigid lattice structure filter cake, which can make fine particles in the filtrate before being gelatinized and impurities are trapped on the lattice framework. Therefore, with good permeability and porous filter cake structure, the void fraction can reach 85---95%, so that a high rate of flow ratio can be obtained in the separation process between solid and liquid, and the fine suspension can be filtered out.

regeneration device Precision filter SH-006regeneration device Precision filter SH-006

regeneration device Precision filter SH-006 is the core filter core which is used to resist fuel system in power plant. It is mainly used to modify fuel oil to improve the oil quality filter of oil - liquid in the anti - fuel system.

regeneration device Precision filter SH-006

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