Dongfang yoyik supply superior quality Pressure Switch ST307-350-B

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Dongfang yoyik supply superior quality Pressure Switch ST307-350-B

Pressure Switch ST307-350-B

Working principle: proportional control valve

Use: directional control valve

Model: ST307-350-B

Series: three level

Material: carbon steel

Nominal pressure: 315 (MPa)

Nominal path: 10 (mm)

Rated current: 15

Rated flow: 20

 Pressure Switch ST307-350-B

Pressure Switch ST307-350-B. The pressure switch uses high precision, high stability pressure sensor and transmission circuit, and then through special CPU modularization signal processing technology, the detection, display, alarm and control signal output of media pressure signal are realized. The pressure switch can be widely used in the field of oil, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, water and other fields to control the pressure and pressure of various gases and liquids. It is an ideal intelligent measurement and control instrument for industrial field.

Pressure Switch ST307-350-B

Pressure Switch ST307-350-B Characteristics:

1, the use of British pipe thread quick connector or copper tube welded installation structure, flexible installation, easy to use, no special installation and fixation.

2, plug-in conductor connection can be freely selected by users.

3. The sealed stainless steel inductor is safe and reliable.

4, the pressure range can be manufactured according to the user's arbitrary pressure value.

 Pressure Switch ST307-350-B

Pressure Switch ST307-350-B. The Characteristics pressure switch is a device combined with the electrical switch. When the preset fluid pressure is reached, the switch contacts move. It is mainly used to output alarm or control signals on industrial equipment such as power plant, petrochemical industry and metallurgical industry. It has an important use in industrial field. It can prevent the damage of important equipment in production engineering and avoid the occurrence of major accidents.

 Pressure Switch ST307-350-B


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