Dongfang yoyik offer Thermal resistance WZPM2-001, Pt100, L=65

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Dongfang yoyik offer Thermal resistance WZPM2-001, Pt100, L=65

Model: WZPM2-001, Pt100, L=65

Processing customization: Yes

Type: end thermal resistance

Range of measurement: -200-450

Indexing number: Pt100

Tolerance level: A

Thermal response time: 6

20 packing number


Form: press

 Thermal resistance WZPM2-001, Pt100, L=65

The thermo resistance thermosensitive element of the end is wound by a specially processed resistance wire and tightly attached to the end surface of the thermometer. Compared with the general axial thermal resistance, it can reflect the actual temperature of the measured end face more accurately and quickly, and is suitable for measuring the end face temperature of the bearing bush and other parts.

 Thermal resistance WZPM2-001, Pt100, L=65

The thermal resistance temperature measurement system is generally made up of thermal resistance, connecting wires and display instruments. It is necessary to pay attention to the following two points:

(1) the heat resistance and the grading number of the display instrument must be consistent.

(2) In order to eliminate the influence of resistance changes of connecting wires, three wire connection must be adopted.

 Thermal resistance WZPM2-001, Pt100, L=65

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