vacuum pump reducer M01225 use for power plant steam turbine units

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vacuum pump reducer M01225
steam turbine bolt heater W=2kw L=645mm
differential pressure valve ZTQ-1
Check valve (clip type) 216C50 with reverse flange
globe valve 40FWJ1.6P
BFP AC oil pump mechanical seal 70LY-34
AST solenoid valve coil CCP230M 230VDC 19W PAT5002253
Isolation valve F3DG552-062A-220VDC50-DF2K
relief valve F3-CG-2V-6FW-10
Expansion A350W00
globe check valve (flange) 65JC-1.6P
globe throttle check valve LJC25-4.0P
vacuum pump reducer M01225
throttle valve DRV30-1-10B
reducer?? MO2225.0BGCC1D1.5A?
pressure hose S100-AC-AL-0080
sealing oil screw pump  HSNH280-46N
servo valve PSSV-890-DF0056
EH oil pump  PVH74 (QI)C-RM-IS-10-C14
bellows globe valve (welded) WJ25F3.2P
bolt heater cabinet, DC heater cabinet, heater cabinet 
EH oil pump  PVHD74R01AA10A250000001ABO1OA
vacuum pump reducer M01225