Advantages of Electro hydraulic servo valve 072-559A

Date:2018/3/19 9:46:46 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Advantages of Electro hydraulic servo valve 072-559A

The Electro hydraulic servo valve 072-559A is an important part of the hydraulic servo system. It is a hydraulic control valve that continuously controls the flow and pressure proportionally by changing the input signal. The anti pollution ability of servo valve is generally determined by the minimum flow in its structure. However, in the multistage servo valve, the minimum size in the front stage oil circuit becomes the decisive factor.

The electro-hydraulic servo valve 072-559A has high pressure efficiency and volume efficiency, can produce large control pressure and flow, and improve the driving force and anti pollution ability of the power valve.

From the perspective of the impact of early wear on the performance, the wear of the nozzle end face and the receiving end face of the electro-hydraulic servo valve has little impact on the performance, so it works stably, has small drift and long service life.

 Electro hydraulic servo valve 072-559A