Yoyik offer Bolt Heating Rod HY-GYY-1.2-380V/3

Date:2018/3/13 11:50:59 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

 Yoyik offer Bolt Heating Rod HY-GYY-1.2-380V/3 is a specific product for power plants from Dongfang Yoyik. The company is located in the industry city of southwest China, Deyang. We provide spare parts of DC power units, including valves, bearings, servo valves, filters, EH pumps, adhesive, O rings and many other components and replacements. 

Buy original factory made turbine, generator parts, boiler parts.
oil filter Q2U-E630*10FS 
bolt heating rods for steam turbines
mannual Regulating valve B72G-2GK-QD3-RMN
filter XJL.01.12 
125LY-35-4 impeller gasket for 300MW units AC LOP
EH oil main pump PVH098R01AJ30A250000001001AB010A
pressure hose SMS-12/N1/4-2438mm-B
TD-1 0-100 LVDT sensor
70LY-34*2-1 Main oil pump mechanical seal for 300MW unit
filter TZX2-40*5Q3 
vacuum pump spring bracket P-545
BJ40F-1.6P globe valve
butterfly valve 80DSF4PB3
piston pump F3V10IS6SIC20
Air filter BDE1000S2W2.X/-RV0.003
thrust ring GB/T7813-1998 SR200*21
filter LX-63*100
filter HBX-63*10Q3
fan D2E160AB01-06
filter WY800*10Q2
SCR trigger module 
filter JX-160*100
Bolt Heating Rod HY-GYY-1.2-380V/3
filter WY500*30Q2
oil filter Q2U-A630*20FS
HH6220DC16,1" Filter regulator(with pressure gage)
filter LH0110D5BN/HC 
filter TFX (ZX)-1000*80
filter TZX2I-160*30 
oil feeder filter HX.BX-100*20
162YR41-2 Sealing Fin
ST307-V2-150-B Pressure switch
filter HBX-63*1
filter HX-250*40W
sealing ring HB4-56J8-124
pressure hose S110-AC-FC-0200
non-return valve CV3-10-P-O-3
filter TZX2-400*10
3WE10A3X/CG110NZ4/V Electro-hydraulic directional valve
Cartridge valve LC16A10E6X
filter FX-515*180
KHWJ40F-1.6P Bellows globe valve
unloading valve DPV001.0
filter HX.BH-100*10
filter GP500*30Q2
φ6 Dacron glass fiber strip
Bolt Heating Rod HY-GYY-1.2-380V/3
Deyang Dongfang Yoyik Engnieering Co;Ltd are specialized in manufacturing the spare parts for Power plants, including Steam turbines, Generators, Hydro turbines, Hydro generators ,Babbitt bearings, Fluorine plastic bearing pads, Filters, Filter elements, Hydraulic valves, Hydraulic pumps, EHC, TSI, MEH, DCS, Excitation system, Hydrogen oil water system, Sealing compounds, Detachable brush holder, Coolers, Insulation materials,Repairing electric motors, etc.