LR anti-corona varnish 1243 use for power plant

Date:2018/3/9 8:41:19 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

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steam turbine cylinder heat sealant 
LR anti-corona varnish 1243
Sealing Fin  
hydrogen cooler sealing rubber pad 
generator slot Sealant T20-75
insulating cardboard 100/00 900*1300
PET fiberglass strip φ5
surface Sealant 750-2
insulating cardboard 1×900×1300
Lock washer  
F-class epoxy phenolic resin mica tape 0.14*25 5440-1
LR anti-corona varnish 1243
rotor slot wedge  
generator end cap hydrogen Sealant ET-1
sealing grease WH53351JG
carbon brush  
Room temperature curing epoxy adhesive 793A
epoxy bottom plate 9332
Low resistance semi-conductive glass fiber tape FB-1
epoxy-ester insulating varnish 9120
ID Fan Main Bearing Sealing Ring  Φ282/250*6
insulating cover  
epoxy Paulownia powder mica tape 9545-1 0.14*25
Sealing Fin  
end cap Sealant T2575
F-class stator core adhesive J0403
LR anti-corona varnish 1243