Cylinder sealing grease MFZ-1 manufacture by yoyik

Date:2018/2/28 8:39:31 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

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Cylinder sealing grease MFZ-1
Room temperature curing PET fiber surface brushing adhesive J0709
epoxy Paulownia glass powder mica foil 5440-1
clean compound 1755EF
Corrugated plate 
insulating box patch board 0.5
Supporting Board  
Tube seat  
Cylinder sealing grease MFZ-1
silica sand DF
air-drying red insulating varnish J1030
Room temperature curing adhesive 841B
End Cap for Coal Economizer 34N34-1-1
Seamless steel tube for boiler Φ45*6 SA-213T91
TR3 Linseed oil TR3 1 Gallon steam turbine sealing compound
rotor slot wedge  
steam turbine Sealant 53351JG
sealing gasket φ615*φ535*50*45°F4810-6
balance piece  
Ethanol (anhydrous) DF6023
steam turbine generator sealing grease WH53351JG
Sealing Ring  
Cylinder sealing grease MFZ-1