Room temperature epoxy adhesive 841 Dongfang yoyik make

Date:2018/2/27 14:27:17 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is an industrial supplier based on Deyang, known as the city of heavy industry in China. We are specialized in manufacturing and trading the spare parts of power unit, including filter and filter elements, sealants, sensors, pumps, valves and other work pieces.
Room temperature epoxy adhesive 841
Hand Hold End Cap  
PET sleeve fiberglass strip φ20
Hydrogen sealing Sealant T20-75
Sliding base  
Room temperature curing dipping varnish 792
Sealing plate (Cold-end) NO1  
Hydrogen sealing Sealant T25-75
Room temperature epoxy adhesive 841
generator Sealant SWG-2
brush holder  
epoxy resin  618
epoxy adhesive 841B
steam turbine Sealant WH53351JG
F-grade Epoxy phenolic mica tape 5440-1 0.14*25
sealing filling compound 892
Sealing plate  
solvent-free insulating varnish 8904 F-Grade
Oil proof rubber circular strip  
slot wedge & strip assembly 
insulating washer  
insulating tube  
Silicon steel sheets adhesive 137
Position block  
Room temperature epoxy adhesive 841