Oil-water alarm OWK-2 Deyang yoyik in stock

Date:2018/1/29 15:20:43 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

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Oil-water alarm OWK-2
MOP outlet filter  DE001L01A
LVDT Sensor 2000TDZ-AG
filter ZJT-00-07
insulation box  
Contact oil baffle (exciter end)  
Mechanical seal 8B1D
 supporting bearing
LVDT Sensor 5000TDZ-AG
carbon brush   
Oil-water alarm OWK-2
 valve in hydrogen system  WJ50F1.6P-II
duplex low pressure oil filter TLX268A/20
Parts list QCS41ZMX
Axial vibration sensor SDJ-018-A07-B00-X09-L80(2)
MSV Actuator Seals  
EHG Oil Feeder Seals  
bearing (stablizeing bearing) 
bearing cover   
Solenoid valve D3W4CNJP30
Seaing Ring for EH oil system GTJ300-00-22
spring washer  10 GB93-1987
Oil-water alarm OWK-2