mechanical seal A108-45 supply by yoyik

Date:2018/1/26 8:42:03 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

mechanical seal A108-45 is provided by Dongfang Yoyik. Our company mainly offer spare parts of power unit, including thousands of types and models, for power plants, steel mills, cement mills, chemical plants and shipyards. Our products can be applied various systems from EHC, TSI, MEH, DCS, to excitation system and hydrogen oil water system.
Heating network feed water pump coupling cushion mechanical seal A108-45
spring washer   
stator cooling water filter WFF-150*1
Pressure switch 6NN-K5-M4-C1A-TT-YY
duplex low pressure oil filter TLX268A/20
actuator filter for EH system ZTJ300.00.07
mechanical seal A108-45
signal light excitation adjusting shield
Sealing Ring for EH oil system DYS1-01-00-06
Special Stud 
Speed probe RS900103-00-06-10-02-00
filter  21FC5121-110*250/20
MSV sealing   
stator cooling water filter core SL-12/50
pipe joint  
seal oil pump mechanical seal ACG070K7NVBP
stator cooling water filter for generator stator WFF-125-1
cooling water filter WFF-125-1
mechanical seal A108-45