Features of China HTD-50-3 LVDT Position Sensor

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Features of China HTD-50-3  LVDT Position Sensor

The outgoing line of HTD-50-3 LVDT Position Sensor shall be a three core shielded cable with a maximum length of 100 meters. One end of the shielding layer shall be connected to the ground and the other end shall be suspended in the air. The length of the lead wire can be customized according to the customer's needs.


The HTD-50-3 LVDT Position Sensor has good dynamic characteristics and can be used for high-speed online detection; Simple structure and small volume; Reliable operation, convenient use and maintenance, and long service life; Good nonlinearity and high repeatability.

Product installation

1) Regularly check the fixation of iron core and support to ensure reliable connection without looseness;

(2) Regularly check the fastening of LVDT signal line terminals, shielding and wear of signal lines;

(3) Measure the coil resistance and enclosure insulation at each shutdown

HTD-50-3 LVDT Position Sensor


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