Relay PLC-RSC-24DC/21 use for power plant

Date:2018/1/24 8:53:07 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Relay PLC-RSC-24DC/21 is provided by Dongfang Yoyik. Our company mainly offer spare parts of power unit, including thousands of types and models, for power plants, steel mills, cement mills, chemical plants and shipyards. Our products can be applied various systems from EHC, TSI, MEH, DCS, to excitation system and hydrogen oil water system.
Relay PLC-RSC-24DC/21
generator grounding stranded cable -SMTO
Trip electromagnet coil DC220V
Generator porcelain bushing seal gasket 
HP inlet pipe flange gasket 
fire-resistant fluid filter V6021V4C03
cellulose filter ZD.04.027
Relay PLC-RSC-24DC/21
Adjusting washer  
Re-set solenoid valve 
water filter element SL-12/50
Adjusting washer  
gasket GB97.1-85
washing filter  DP301EA01V/-F
dehydration filter DQ145AG20HS
Turbine oil cooler change over valve DN25 J41T-16
duplex filter DQ145AG10HXC
Relay PLC-RSC-24DC/21