Deyang YOYIK FIJ125-100-315 Pump Mechanical seal Heat Resistance for Generator units use

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FIJ125-100-315 Pump Mechanical seal
filter  TLX268A/20P
Gland Seal Ring MTO
JOP oil return filter φ55.5/φ100*652
insulation pin  MTO
Magnetic level gauge -MTO
FIJ125-100-315 Pump Mechanical seal
Flange Through-Hole Bolt M100*4*925  MTO
-MTO jacking oil pump
spring MTO
oil return working filter for oil source  φ55.5/φ100*652
Gland Seal Ring 
Current carring bolt (slip ring position) 
pressure oil return filter in fire-resistant fluid system DL001002
HT Stud GH1 3/4  MTO
Support bearing φ400 M167MTO
Cylindrical Compression Spring 100000A001 MTO
Insulation washer MTO
filter ZJT-00-07
FIJ125-100-315 Pump Mechanical seal