HY-10-001-HTCC EH oil hydraulic actuator inlet filter

Date:2017/12/21 9:17:29 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

HY-10-001-HTCC EH oil hydraulic actuator inlet filter

The  EH oil hydraulic actuator inlet filter HY-10-001-HTCC is located at the inlet of the fire-resistant hydraulic servo motor. Before the impurities of EH oil enter the oil tank, they are blocked by the filter screen of the filter cartridge to prevent it from entering the oil tank. Clean EH oil is provided for the system to reduce the wear of the system due to impurities, which can extend the service life of each equipment.

The EH oil hydraulic actuator inlet filter HY-10-001-HTCC of hydraulic servo motor is used in EH oil system to filter solid particles and colloidal substances in the scale acid fire-resistant oil in the system, and effectively control the pollution of working medium.


 HY-10-001-HTCC EH oil hydraulic actuator inlet filter

gas displacement detecting device RD-140BEX

Bracket type longitudinal tear detection protection device JSB-C

Actuator connecting rod DTSD30UI001

Steam turbine actuator servo valve 072-559A


Sensor 330103-00-04-05-02-00

Multi Swing Switch electric actuator 2SA-042

Welding typebellows stop valve WSJ-SN1V08FOD DN8

Electric contact water level gauge DQS6-2.5-B15X

Gap Sensor Cable GJCD-15

Radial bearing DTYD60UZ021

pressure hose SMS-15/20-1219mm-C

solenoid valve espresso machine GS021600V

Sequence valve DZ10-2-5X/200YM

liquid level gauge CEL-3581A/GF CREMER

twin screw pump HSNH280-43NZ

BLADDER  for Accumulator NXQ-AB-40/31.5

Magnetic level gauge UTZ15F-T2B2J304LSS

Magnetc Spd Pckup Sensor WZ-GC

electric centrifugal pump head A108-45