For steam turbine Units BH-031009-031 Pressure switch

Date:2017/12/12 16:28:43 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,
Product Description

1. Description: We provide BH-031009-031 according to the model and drawing or the samples you supply. Produced by advanced technology, have excellent  performance, and is widely used in TSI system. pressure switch is a form of switch that closes an electrical contact when a certain set pressure has been reached on its input. The switch may be designed to make contact either on pressure rise or on pressure fall.The pressure switch may be adjustable, by moving the contacts or adjusting tension in a counterbalance  spring. Industrial pressure switches may have a
calibrated scale and pointer to show the set point of the switch. A pressure switch will have a differential range around its setpoint in which small changes of pressure do not change the state of the contacts. Some types allow adjustment of the differential.

2. Features: high precision, high speed, long life, high reliability.
3. Application: Power plants&power station ,steel mill,steel Industry,steam turbine, steam generator, hydraulic generator, hydro turbine compressor, sintering machine, coal grinding machine AC motor and other heavy machinery.