dehydration filter DQ145AG20HS make by Deyang YOYIK

Date:2017/12/8 9:34:26 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

dehydration filter DQ145AG20HS is a specific product for power plants from Dongfang Yoyik. The company is located in the industry city of southwest China, Deyang. We provide spare parts of DC power units, including valves, bearings, servo valves, filters, EH pumps, adhesive, O rings and many other components and replacements. We also offer products of EATON/PARKER, MOOG, Vickers, PALL and so on.
dehydration filter DQ145AG20HS
oil baffle  
filter  DP201EA01V/-F
JOP oil return filter DL006001
locking gasket 
locking gasket 
HP fine filter  C9209031
stainer for plate type filter 3PP80*250A10C-1
oil return filter for oil source  DP405EA03V/-W
dehydration filter DQ145AG20HS
feather key  
Special Stud  
circulating pump oil return working filter DP405EA03V/-W
bearing (stablizeing bearing) 
water filter element SL-12/50
Cover Nut B
ejector pin  
spring washer 3  GB93-76
lifting lug  
Flange Through-Hole Bolt M100*4*925  
speedy fuse excitation adjusting shield
dehydration filter DQ145AG20HS