D600A-913000ATMTO Tee & Right-angle joint

Date:2017/11/29 9:26:04 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

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Tee & Right-angle joint 
oil baffle  
adjusting screw 
-1 bearing (E)
fan blade (turbine side) 
Seal washer 
 valve in hydrogen system  WJ50F1.6P-II
Flange Seat B  /BMTO
oil tank fine filter element L3.1100B-002
242300A small turbine front support bearing block
control oil filter  DES-CASE
Cover Nut 
pilot oil duplex filter for TDBFP LY-48/25W
HT Stud -
fine filter element SH-006
Eddy Current Sensor PR6426/010-010
heel block  
Analog input modules terminal board TAI05
oil tank fine filter element L3.1100B-002
bolt M8*40  
HT Stud GH3 
Tee & Right-angle joint -