Dongfang yoyik supply AST/OPC solenoid valve coil 300AA00086A

Date:2017/11/21 17:00:26 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is an industrial supplier based on Deyang, known as the city of heavy industry in China. We are specialized in manufacturing and trading the spare parts of power unit, including filter and filter elements, sealants, sensors, pumps, valves and other work pieces.


AST/OPC solenoid valve coil     300AA00086A



filter WFF-150*1

Pressure Switch ST307-150-B

LVDT Sensor C9231014

Filter Element MSL-125

filter PQX-150*10Q2

O Ring C8689553

filter element DP405EA01V/-F

filter OF3-08-3RV-10

Filter AP1E102-01D10V/-W

O Ring C8689088

Solenoid Valve D3DW20BVZP40XB510

Filter Element ZD.04.005


AST/OPC solenoid valve coil     300AA00086A



Sealant 53351JG

Red Enamel Paint 188

Filter AP3E301-03D20V/-W

O Ring C9210079

Infrared Hotspot Probe HSDS-20/T

rinse filter DP2B01EA01V/W

Solenoid Valve 4WE10D33/CG220N9K4/V


AST/OPC solenoid valve coil     300AA00086A



Small Machine Power Card  24VDC

LVDT Sensor C9231116

Oil Pump C9602005

filter element DL003001

Solenoid Valve GS021600V

Filter AP3E301-03D01V/-F

Servo Valve 072-1202-10

filter SH-006


AST/OPC solenoid valve coil     300AA00086A