power plant UNITS use DPV-00-33 O ring prodide by yoyik

Date:2017/11/15 14:17:35 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

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DPV-00-33 O ring
circulating pump oil return working filter DP405EA03V/-W
Hex Cylindrical Screw 265000A017MTO
Eddy Current Sensor PR6424/010-010
690300AMTO reverse thrust bearing

DPV-00-33 O ring
feather key  
filter element for stator cooling water system XLS-100
differential pressure indicator for EH oil pump outlet   HF3PSIWS4LNV4C03
excitor end bearing 1MTO
filter  EH50A.02.03
Insulation washer 
HT Thick Washer 265000A044MTO
filter  SH006
filter  EH30-00-00
cooling water filter for generator stator MSL-31
fire-resistant fluid washing filter for actuator DP201EA01V1-F
DPV-00-33 O ring