ZD83-00-14 O ring supply by Sichuan YOYIK

Date:2017/11/10 10:12:35 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

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ZD83-00-14 O ring
bolt M8*40  
contact oil retainer 
SCREW GB818-85
guide vane  
oil baffle  
flying ring assembly  
MOP RING SEAL, 511300A  511300AMTO
sealing gasket  
1Q2870-S generator bearing (T)
Cylindrical Compression Spring 100000A001MTO
Thrust combined bearing

34# LP seal desuperheating water nozzle 041000AMTO
ZD83-00-14 O ring
cooling water pump oil seal 50-250C
British System Nut 
3m end RTD DB1035-92
power card  AVR680A
fine filter SH-006
filter  DL009001
Gland Seal Ring 160400AMTO
241000AMTO supporting bearing

DN13 nozzle   01211AMTO
ZD83-00-14 O ring