Dongfang YOYIK offer OR0240203 O ring for steam turbine units

Date:2017/11/10 10:11:52 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

OR0240203 O ring is a specific product for power plants from Dongfang Yoyik. The company is located in the industry city of southwest China, Deyang. We provide spare parts of DC power units, including valves, bearings, servo valves, filters, EH pumps, adhesive, O rings and many other components and replacements. 
OR0240203 O ring
Flange Seat A  
bolt GB5782-86
245000AMTO supporting bearing

insulation pin  
thrust support bearing

Snap Ring 265000A020MTO
Coupling 221000AMTO
insulation box  
backwash oil filter ZCL-I-450B
RTD, WZP-221
OR0240203 O ring
Fuller's Earth acid removal filter  HT718-00-CN
nut M8  GB6170-86
upper oil thrower  
circulating pump suction port filter OF3-08-3RV-10
ocking gasket 
regeneration cellulose filter DZ903EA10V/W
1MTO bearingT)

DP301EA10V/W filter
Electric Heater 501000H001MTO
MOP HEX BOLT, 511000A003MTO 511000A003MTO

gasket  261000A005MTO
 O ring