OR0190082 O ring use in steam turbine units supply by YOYIK

Date:2017/11/8 9:49:45 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

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O ring
Half bearing cover  
filter LY15/25W
pressure filter for fire-resistant fluid actuator ZTJ.00.07A
cooling water pump mechanical seal CZ50-250C

LVDT servomotor travel sensor 0-200mm
Adjusting washer  
O ring
Reset solenoid valve  MFZ8-90YC 35W
nut  M8 GB6170-86
hanging bracket  
signal collecting board  1MTO
Insulation washer 
EH pump outlet filter V6021V4C03
working filter  DP6SH201EA03V/-W
generator grounding stranded cable SMTO
MOP outlet filter  DE001L01A
Parts list QCS41ZMX
Insulation washer 
Flange Cover  
hald bearing cover  
Eddy Current Sensor PR6426/010-010
O ring