steam turbine units use O ring DPV-00-03

Date:2017/11/8 9:48:39 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

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DPV-00-03 O ring
1MTO bearing (E)

cooling water pump impeller 50-250C
MOP inlet filter  
stainer for plate type filter 3PP80*250A10C
601000BMTO jacking oil pump

filter  FX-190*25H
bearing (E)
DPV-00-03 O ring
Adjusting Washer 
spring washer 3  GB93-76
spring washer  
Vapour extraction device 501000H007MTO
gasket GB97.1-85
Cylindrical Compression Spring 100000A001MTO
filter  21FC1421-60*250/10
sealing gasket  
 cooling water pump O type ring 50-250C
Special Grooved Nut 032.022MTO
Special Stud  
spring washer  W
Insulation washer 
padding block  
stainer for plate type filter 3PP80*250A10C-1
bearing cover