YOYIK offer Differential pressure transmitter D6000PSI pressure:15MPa

Date:2017/11/7 17:17:40 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is located in Deyang, Sichuan, provides different kinds of industrial products and brands. Our company is specialized in researching and developing hear-resisting and wear-resisting materials. As a pump and valve manufacturer ourselves, we also offer other brands both domestic and from abroad.


Differential pressure transmitter  D6000PSI  pressure:15MPa



AST solenoid valve   GS061600V+CCP115D

AST solenoid valve   GS061600V+CCP230M

servo valve       SM4-40(40)151-80/40-10-S205

vacuum pump          ZS-185

 butterfly valve        100DSF4PB3  DN100

solenoid valve  3D02A011

solenoid valve  4WE6D-50/AG24NZ4

solenoid valve  4WE6Y6X/EG220NZ4/B08V


Differential pressure transmitter  D6000PSI  pressure:15MPa



differential pressure valve       977HP

differential pressure valvediaphragm     977HP

sealing oil pump      ACG070K7

mechanical seal       ACG070K7 NVBP

solenoid valve  CAP230M

solenoid valve coil    CCP230M


Differential pressure transmitter  D6000PSI  pressure:15MPa



solenoid valve  

solenoid valve  DG4-3-2A-VM-U-SA7-60

unloading valve        DPV001.0

globe valve       J41W-16P   DN15

cushion    HPU-V1001A

solenoid valve  HQ 

solenoid valve  HQ 

solenoid valve coil    300AA00126A

mechanical seal       DFB100-80-230

impeller   DFB100-65-260

EH oil pump    02-334632

servo valve       072-1203 

sealing gasket 125LY-23-4


Differential pressure transmitter  D6000PSI  pressure:15MPa