LY-38/25W-32 Three parallel luber filter element

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 LY-38/25W-32 Three parallel luber filter element

The filter element is a filter element composed of two or more filters connected in parallel. The filter element LY-38/25W-32 is a filter element with three filters connected in parallel. It has the characteristics of small size, large filtration area, simple and convenient installation and cleaning, repeated cleaning and use, and cost saving. It is suitable for In the industrial large-flow hydraulic lubrication system, it is suitable for various industries involving oil and water treatment, such as metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, papermaking, textile, food and medicine, life, and environmental protection.

LY-38/25W-32 Three parallel luber filter element

The technical parameters of filter element LY-38/25W-32

Parallel connection mode: triple parallel connection

Accuracy: 10-400μm

Flow: 150-5000L/min

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