Features of 2-5685-0158-99 lube parallel oil filter element

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 Features of 2-5685-0158-99 lube parallel oil filter element

The parallel oil filter element is composed of several filters in parallel from small to large. The lube parallel oil filter element 2-5685-0158-99 has the characteristics of small volume, large filtering area, simple disassembly, easy cleaning, etc. It is used in large flow hydraulic lubrication system.

Main features of lube parallel oil filter element 2-5685-0158-99

1. High strength, long service life, strong corrosion resistance, wide temperature range, no material separation;

2. Large filtering area, large flow, high porosity, good permeability, strong sewage receiving capacity and strong reusability;

3. The filter element replacement cycle is effectively extended;

4. Convenient installation, disassembly and cleaning.

 2-5685-0158-99 lube parallel oil filter element

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