ST307-V2-150-B Pressure switch Knurled handknob with locking set screw

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ST307-V2-150-B Pressure switch Knurled handknob with locking set screw

The pressure switch ST307-V2-150-B amplifies the pressure signal through a high-precision instrument amplifier, collects and processes data through a high-speed MCU, and has a built-in precision sensor for compensation. It is a high-precision device that detects pressure and liquid level signals and realizes pressure and liquid level monitoring and control.

The pressure switch ST307-V2-150-B is widely used in automatic systems for measuring gas and liquid pressure in chemical industry, machinery, hydrology, electricity, environmental protection, etc. Because the adjustment is convenient and flexible, and the installation is simple, it can replace most occasions where liquid level switches are used.


ST307-V2-150-B Pressure switch

Features of pressure switch ST307-V2-150-B:

1. The switch accuracy is less than 1% of the pressure setting low hysteresis

2. Applicable to AC or DC current

3. Long term contact of electroplated gold and silver switch

4. Small size, easy to install

5. Electrical protection IP65 in accordance with IEC 144

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