CS-1 D-065-02-01 China Rotation Speed Sensor

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 CS-1 D-065-02-01 China Rotation Speed Sensor

The Rotation Speed Sensor  CS-1 D-065-02-01 is generally used together with the digital tachometer. The tachometer and the speed output sensor are mainly used to measure the speed of the electric turbine generator.

technical parameter of  Rotation Speed Sensor  CS-1 D-065-02-01

Resistance: 470 Ω~530 Ω 

Speed range: 100~10000 rpm

Working temperature: - 20 C~120C

Gear module: 2~4

Installation, use and precautions of  Rotation Speed Sensor  CS-1 D-065-02-01

1. The metal shielding layer of the outgoing line of the sensor shall be grounded.

2. The sensor shall not be close to the strong magnetic field or strong current conductor during operation.

3. Increase the clearance when the measured shaft runout.

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