China manufacturer offer regeneration filter ZX-80

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China manufacturer offer regeneration filter ZX-80




The regeneration filter ZX-80 is used to filter impurities in the filtered oil of the turbine generator's fire-resistant fuel system. In the EH oil pump, each sleeve is equipped with a 3-micron metal wire mesh source core, which plays a role in filtering impurities. Each pump outlet high-pressure oil circuit has a reverse valve to prevent oil backflow. The oil pressure of the general relief valve is more than 2MPa higher than the oil pressure at the outlet of the oil pump. When the oil pressure exceeds the set value, the oil will be sent back to the tank to ensure the stability of the system.



Characteristic OF regeneration filter ZX-80


The regeneration filter ZX-80 will not release metal ions, so it will not react with the phosphate ester to produce gel like phosphate metal salts, which can filter out the metal ions (Ca, Mg, Na, Fe) generated by the use of diatomite filters in the phosphate ester fire-resistant oil. And maintain the content of various metal ions in the fire-resistant fuel below 10ppm.



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