Stean turbine oil pump suction filter JCAJ007

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Stean turbine oil pump suction filter JCAJ007




The carbon deposits and impurities generated during the operation of the oil pump are filtered through the filter paper inside the oil pump suction filter JCAJ007. The material and thickness of the filter paper are very important.


Characteristic OF oil pump suction filter JCAJ007


A very important component in the oil pump suction filter JCAJ007 is the release valve. If the filter paper inside the filter is severely blocked, the oil cannot enter the engine through the filter paper, and the oil pressure rises. After reaching a certain pressure, the release valve opens, and the oil enters the engine through the release valve, providing lubrication to various components. The residual impurities and carbon deposits in the engine oil exacerbate the wear of various components of the engine. When the filter paper is blocked, the release valve cannot be opened, causing the engine bearing shells to lock and the engine to be damaged.



epoxy RTV adhesive HEC-51106
epoxy Paulownia powder mica tape 9545-1 0.14*25
epoxy RTV adhesive HDJ-102
insulating box sealing putty HDJ-18
Semiconductor silicon rubber HEC51104
LR anti-corona varnish 1243 F-class
Cylinder sealing grease MF-1
Carbon brush J204 32*12*12 mm
RTV epoxy adhesive J0139
epoxy potting adhesive 9180
epoxy glass cloth Laminate plate HEC3240
generator stator cooling water filter WFF-150-1
Filter disc SPL-15
Circulating oil pump suction filter OF3-08-3RV-10
oil pump discharge filter JCAJ001











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