Molded Insulation Parts

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Y214 Transposition filling mica plate
Top class mica products, suitable for wires transposition and filling of strip type stator coil.

3240 laminating epoxy board glass cloth slot wedge
Application: used for insulation of high-dielectric and waterproof generators insulation parts, normally for Hydro generators, steam turbine generator, ac motor, dc motor, and exciter.

Insulation parts for layer plate
Application: suitable for insulation between pole coil and core of large and medium generator, made of integral molded glass fabrics with thermal compression technology, has strong electrical and mechanical performance, can meet the requirements of insulation between the pole coil and the core of 1000mw hydro generator.

J0911 high strength insulating box
Application: suitable for insulating of generator stator bar joint, has strong electrical and mechanical performance, electric strength larger than 8MV/m.

J1008 conductive slot bush
Application: used for the fixation inside the stator winding bar slot of hydro generator, can fill in the gaps effectively and lower the slot potential.

J0707 F-class L-shape insulating plate
Application: insulation of salient type pole body of hydro generator rotor, can thinning or cancel the inner and outer layer board, lower the core’s height.




Molded Insulation Parts

Epoxy board slot wedge


Molded Insulation Parts

Fiber-glass Insulation tubes


Molded Insulation Parts

Insulating box



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