Excitation System

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China Generator Excitation System Control Module





Generator Excitation system is an indispensable part of power plants equipments. Excitation system includes excitation power supply and excitation device. The main part of the excitation power source is an exciter or an excitation transformer. Excitation devices are based on different specifications, models, and usage requirements, consists of the adjustment screen, control screen, demagnetization screen, and rectifying screen.


The excitation device is used to maintain the generator terminal voltage at a given level when the power system is operating normally. At the same time, it also has the function of forcing magnetization, demagnetization and de-excitation. If using excitation transformer as power supply, the device can also rectify. Excitation devices can be provided separately or as supporting equipment.


Main Function:

1) Adjust the excitation current accordingly based on the change of generator load to maintain the terminal voltage as set value;

2) Control the parallel operation of reactive power distribution among generators;

3) Improve the static stability of parallel operation of generators;

4) Improve the transient stability of parallel operation of generators;

5) De-excite when a fault occurs inside the generator to reduce loss;

6) Limit the maximum excitation and the minimum excitation of the generator according to the operating requirements.








Excitation Rectifier Cabinet Fan Excitation Rectifier Cabinet Capacitor
Excitation Regulator Power Module Excitation Regulator IO Card
Excitation Regulator CPU Card Excitation Regulator Industrial Controller
Excitation Current Transformer Special Filter for Exciter Cabinet





Pulse Amplification Card Signal Acquisition card
Pulse forming card Sync signal pulse card
Signal adjusting card Signal instruction card
Pulse amplification monitoring card  


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