Original Yoyik brand Sensor speed CS-3-M16-L100

Date:2021/2/25 17:08:24 Visits: Author:Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co; Ltd,

                         Original Yoyik brand Sensor speed CS-3-M16-L100

The speed sensor CS-3-M16-L100 adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, and its output is in accordance with the speed of rotating machinery Proportional frequency signal.



1. Its shell is of stainless steel thread structure, and the internal pouring seal is airtight, which can resist high Temperature, lead out wire for special metal shielding soft conductor, strong anti-interference performance.

2. It is suitable for speed locking of more than 30 speed measuring teeth in harsh environment such as smoke, oil vapor and water vapor.

3. No contact measurement, no contact with the measured rotating parts, no wear.


4. Integrated design, simple and reliable structure, high vibration and impact resistance.

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