Regular Spare Parts of Hydro-turbine

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Blade Blade Upper Shaft Sleeve
Blade Shaft Sleeve Upper Shaft Sleeve
Main Shaft Lower Shaft Sleeve
Plate Steel Spiral Case Blade Bearing
Runner Guide Vane Sealing Ring
Runner Bucket Filter Elements
Piston Blade Link Shaft Sleeve
Distributor Piston Ring Runner Crown Seal
Main Shaft Seal Runner Band Seal
Sealing Parts Processing Blade Two-Part Key
Turbine Nozzle Main Shaft Working Sealing Parts
Needle Main Shaft Maintenance Sealing Parts
Deflector Water Guide Bearing
Hydrogenerator Rotor Servomotor Piston Ring
Hydrogenerator Stator Servomotor Sealing Ring
Stator Coil Small Turbine Spring
Stator Coil Bar Runner Bucket Sealing Ring
Radial Thrust Bearing Oil Head Shaft Sleeve
Rotor Coil Oil Head Floating Bearing
Rotor Coil Bar Antifriction Ring
Thrust Bearing Nozzle
Upper Guide Bearing Nozzle Head
Thrust Collar Needle Stem Shaft Sleeve
Thrust Sector Support Brake Nozzle Operating Valve
Stator Slot Wedge Sealing Ring or Other Sealing Material For Hydraulic Turbine
Cooler Adapter Sleeve
Retaining Ring Rolling Bearing.
Collecting Ring  





Regular Spare Parts of Hydro-turbineRegular Spare Parts of Hydro-turbineRegular Spare Parts of Hydro-turbine

Regular Spare Parts of Hydro-turbine