Dongfang yoyik supply 5000TD LVDT displacement sensor

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Dongfang yoyik supply 5000TD LVDT displacement sensor

Working principle of 5000TD LVDT displacement sensor : The differential transformer with movable iron core, the output of the electric power generated by it is proportional to the displacement of the separated movable iron core, so as to automatically monitor and control the displacement. It has been widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, national defense engineering and scientific research institutes in machinery, electric power, automobile, aerospace, metallurgy, energy, water conservancy and other industries.


Application: Suitable for oil engine stroke, valve position monitoring and protection.

Technical parameters:


Linear range



≤0.25% F.S

Primary impedance

≥500Ω (oscillation frequency is 3kHz)

Operating temperature

-40~150 (conventional)

-40~210 (high temp)

Temperature drift coefficient

0.03% F.S /

Excitation voltage

3Vrms (1~5Vrms)

Excitation frequency

2.5kHz (400Hz ~ 5kHz)

Lead wire

six Teflon insulated sheathed wire with stainless steel sheathed hose

Vibration tolerance

20g (up to 2kHz)

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