Valves for Stator Cooling Water System

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China Pressure Regulating Valve Solenoid Valve Manufacturer


Pressure Regulating Valve

Used to adjust the pressure of the stator cooling water before entering the coil. By receiving the signal of DCS control system, the Pressure Regulating Valve is driven to change the section between valve core and seat, to control the oil pressure, so as to realize the automatic regulating function.


0125ZMAW16BQ13UNOERH Pressure Regulating Valve

125ZXQ016L13NOERH Pressure Regulating Valve


Valve Spares: Sealing Kit



Water Supply Solenoid Valve

Water Supply Solenoid Valve is usually direct-acting valve, is energized or de-energized to control the opening or closing of water circuit. It can work normally under vacuum, negative pressure and zero pressure.


EVSI DN25 Solenoid Valve




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