Valves for Sealing Oil System

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China Manufacturer Floating Ball Valve Differential Pressure Valve for Sealing Oil System


Differential Pressure Valve

977HP Differential Pressure Valve is used on the sealing oil system of generator. It compares the sum of the hydrogen pressure and the spring pressure with the oil pressure, when there is a pressure difference, the stem will move up and down, affecting the valve opening, causing the outlet flow and pressure to change accordingly, and finally achieving pressure balance.


Valve Spares:

Main Diaphragm
Balance Diaphragm
Valve Plate
Lock Nut
Seal Kit

Service: Repair & clean


977HP Differential Pressure Valve 


Floating Ball Valve

Consist of stainless steel body, connecting rod and actuator. It can precisely control the liquid level. There are two types of float valves used for Generators:

BYF-80 Floating Ball Valve for sealing oil vacuum tank

BYF-40 Floating Ball Valve for sealing oil floater tank


Valve Spares: Rubber Sealing Kit

 BYF-80 Floating Ball Valve for sealing oil vacuum tank


Sealing Oil Balance Valve

19C1964H01 Balance Valve
19C1964H02 Balance Valve
ZZPN-10 Dynamic Balance Valve



Sealing Oil Relief Valve

1 1/2″LOF-98H Relief Valve

2″LOF-98H Relief Valve




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